Latest Yoga Tablet 2 Pro Features QHD Display & Built-in Projector

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The new Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is finally here and while previous models have been no stranger to cool features, their latest one certainly stands out from the crowd. Equipped with a powerful 8 watt sound system and mini subwoofer for multimedia playback, the tablet also features a built-in pico projector, allowing the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro to throw a 16:9 50-inch image on to any surface.

The projector mode will take the battery life down to just three hours, but for watching some YouTube videos, most movies, or just showing a presentation, it’s more than enough; of course you could always just keep the power adaptor to hand and run it for as long as you like.

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The Yoga Tablet 2 Pro comes equipped with a stunning 13-inch QHD panel, 8MP rear camera, LTE, expandable memory, 15 hours battery life and of course the integrated Yoga stand.

The Yoga Tablet 2 Pro will be available this month from most major retailers and the 32GB model will set you back $499.99.

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