With The Launch-Buzz Gone The iPhone 5C is Starting To Outsell The 5S

/ 4 years ago


Engadget reports that new figures have emerged showing the iPhone 5C is starting to close the gap on the iPhone 5S in terms of the usage ratio. New figures from analytic firm Localytics suggest that every week since the release of the two new handsets the iPhone 5C has edged closer and closer to parity with the iPhone 5S. This suggests that the iPhone 5C is currently outselling the the iPhone 5S and it is hardly surprising as the iPhone 5C is quite a bit cheaper.

The iPhone 5C costs $549 for the 16GB handset and $649 for the 32GB handset while the iPhone 5S costs $649 for the 16GB model, $749 for the 32GB model and $849 for the 64GB model. Of course you can get the majority of that cost subsidised if you buy your handset with a contract or SIM from certain carriers, like AT&T, Sprint and others. The iPhone 5C typically starts from $99 on contract while the iPhone 5S typically starts from $199.

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Sadly the above figures tell us nothing about the volume of sales of the new Apple handsets but we can imply that users upgrading from older iPhones are finding the iPhone 5C a more attractive proposition now that the spectacle and glamour of the launch event has faded into distant memory.

Image courtesy of Localytics

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