Leadtek Unveils Two WinFast GT 640 Graphics Cards

/ 5 years ago

Leadtek launched today Nvidia’s mid-range graphics card: the WinFast GT 640 with “Low Profile” and “AXT” models. The WinFast GT 640 graphics card features a 28nm NVIDIA Kepler GK107 GPU. The low profile GT 640 is aimed at low power HTPC systems while the AXT model is aimed at higher performance mid range systems.

Leadtek will offer both cards in either 1GB or 2GB variants over a 128bit interface. The GT 640 supports PCIe 3.0, PhysX and Nvidia surround with up to four monitors (3+1). The card will consume around 65W and features solid capacitors for improved durability.

Source: PR


2 Responses to “Leadtek Unveils Two WinFast GT 640 Graphics Cards”
  1. Casecutter says:

    Sorry that one is not for "mid-range Gamers"! Basically, competitive to a 6670 DDR5, which released a little more than a year ago, was just a very capable “entry level” gaming card. At like 18% behind a 7750 for the same (heck a 7750 can be found for $90) price this card isn’t worth it. Face it this is finally is a step up from a GT240 DDR5 good job Nvidia!

    • It sits between a GTS 450 and HD 7750, a very capable position for single screen 1080p gaming. Once they release the GDDR5 version of it we should see a competitive card

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