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Apple Document About Stopping Leaks… Leaks!

It’s not exactly surprising that companies from within the technology sector are exceptionally keen to try and keep leaks to a minimum. Sure, they happen all the time, but often it’s difficult to ascertain whether they are really leaks or whether the company in question might have ‘accidentally’ let something slip out (for a bit of free publicity). Following a report via TechSpot, however, we are pretty certain that Apple did not want this specific document to sneak outside the company. – Why? Well, because it discusses new potential policies in order to look to reduce such things from happening. – How ironic!

Apple Wants to Stop Leaks!

The new rules seemingly apply to their manufacturing centres and are specifically aimed towards stopping employees from revealing confidential information surrounding their products. For example, one aspect of the document specifically talks about requiring all production line workers to undergo criminal background checks, and if someone is found to have a somewhat dubious past, it would appear that while Apple will not summarily dismiss them, they will no longer be given access to any sensitive areas where unreleased products are being tested and/or developed.

It doesn’t stop there, however, as Apple is also looking to upgrade its computer system to actively track products from within their facilities and log any instances where a device has been at someone’s workstation for an ‘irregular’ amount of time!

What Do We Think?

While this might sound rather draconian, we honestly can’t pretend to be overly surprised by it. As noted above, privacy is key in the tech world, with leaks having the potential to cost them not only in terms of spoiling any big announcement but also the fact that it can tip-off their competition early as to what ‘big new things’ might be on the way.

So, are we shocked? No. To tell you the truth, we largely only wrote about it because of the fact that a document about stopping leaks leaked is all too hilarious to ignore!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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