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Leaked Photo Shows New White Xbox Series X Controller

While there are still more than a few mysteries surrounding the upcoming Xbox Series X console (chief among which; the price and release date), in terms of the controller, we’ve had a pretty decent idea for quite some time now what it will look like.

Following a leaked image via The Verge, however, it appears that (in something of a semi-traditional style) Microsoft may be somewhat quietly planning (in addition to the already confirmed black) to release a white variant.

Xbox Series X Controller

The above image was reportedly posted to Reddit from a user who claimed to have taken the covert snap while at a friends house. A friend who, incidentally, just happens to work at Microsoft. While it has since been deleted, based on the known black design (as pictured below) it does appear that this is pretty much full and final confirmation that this is the form the Xbox Series X controller will take. It has, as you might expect though, led to speculation that Microsoft may release a white console as well to match this design.

More so, however, the user who posted the image claimed that they played on an actual Xbox Series X console (with this white controller), and, based on the user interface, it is reportedly said to be largely similar to that seen on the Xbox One.

What Do We Think?

While the controller is (in visual terms) very similar to that seen with the Xbox One. The biggest key difference is that (below the pause and select button) you will now find a ‘share’ control option. Likely a very handy feature as ‘streaming’ becomes more and more popular with the casual gaming consumer.

As a primary PC gamer, however, I do tend to hugely prefer Xbox controllers and, as such, while this will predominantly feature for Microsoft’s next-gen console, if you are in the market for a new and improved controller on your system, we at least know that you’ll (almost certainly) at least get to pick between a black or white version for their latest release!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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