Leaked shots of a purported iPhone 5S surface

/ 5 years ago

The iPhone 5 came out and, I don’t know if it’s just me, but didn’t make a huge splash. Yes sale numbers are rumoured to be at around 45 million this quarter alone, but it seems that there are other phones stealing the headlines such as Samsung’s Galaxy S III and Google’s constantly sold-out Nexus 4.

But, that hasn’t stopped leaks of the next-gen of iPhone’s, the iPhone 5S, from being snapped on camera. French website Nowwhereelse.fr has spotted the images on the iPhone5Parts forums, where there’s a side-by-side shot of the internals of the purported iPhone 5S and the current iPhone 5.

Both iPhone’s have the same exterior design, but the internals are a little different with some screws placed in different areas as well as an improved speaker at the bottom of the device. This isn’t a guaranteed picture of the iPhone 5S, either, and could be a very well-made clone – but keep in mind there have been rumours of a new iPhone being launched in a few months time.

This would mean Apple would launch a new iPhone would launch just 6 or so months after the iPhone 5, which is strange as Apple launch new iPhone’s every 12 months.

Source: Nowwhereelse.fr

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