Leaked Vega Features 16GB HBM2 & 1600MHz Clock!

/ 10 months ago

Leaked Vega Features 16GB HBM2 & 1600MHz Clock!

Details for one of AMD’s new Vega graphics cards have leaked, and the specifications are very impressive. According to CompuBench (via VideoCardz), the high-end, unnamed Vega card boasts 16GB HBM2 VRAM and a 1,600MHz clock speed. The card also features 64 Compute Units, which suggests it also includes 4,096 Stream Processors.

Is This a Radeon RX Vega Card?

Frankly, we don’t know yet. The leaked specs could relate either to a Radeon RX, Radeon Pro, or Radeon Instinct card. We don’t have enough information to work from right now, though AMD has only confirmed an 8GB HBM2 card so far. The closest match to these specifications could be the Radeon Instinct MI25, though the leaked card seems more powerful than the Instinct MI25.

What is the Radeon Instinct MI25?

Unveiled last December, the Radeon Instinct MI25 is a Vega-based accelerator designed for deep-learning solutions, akin to NVIDIA’s Telsa range. While not strictly a graphics card – the hardware does not feature any display outputs – the Instinct MI25 is expected to be twice as fast as an NVIDIA TITAN X. The MI25 has 12.5 TFLOPS of compute power in 32-bit operations and 25 FLOPS using FP16.

The leaked card, with its 1,600MHz clock, would reach 13 TFLOPS, which beats the MI25’s reported 12.5 TFLOPS. Does this mean an upgrade for the MI25 or a brand new card? The release date for the Radeon Instinct MI25 is yet to be confirmed.


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