Leaked Windows 10 Build Features Updated Icons

/ 2 years ago

windows 10 logo

We all know that Windows 8.1 was not exactly the most acclaimed version of Windows, which is why Microsoft is working hard to make sure that Windows 10 does not receive the same reviews. Until the OS is released officially, users can test it out by installing Preview builds, which are updated regularly as Microsoft fixes bugs, modifies looks and implements new features. Even though we’re at build 10122 officially, the upcoming build 10125 has leaked online, and it shows that Windows 10 will feature an upgraded set of icons that go better with its overall flat design.

Apart from the new icons, the leaked build also comes with an upgraded version of the Edge browser. The upgrade fixes a bug that prevented the browser to display full-screen content correctly, and it also includes an updated setting page that now boasts two panes. Since we’re getting closer and closer to the official release of the OS, the leaked version probably includes all final Windows 10 features. Microsoft can now focus on fixing various bugs and other issues in order to make sure that the end product ends up as polished as possible.

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You can compare the differences between the previous icon set and the new one below.

windows 10 icons (1)

windows 10 icons (2)

I think they did a pretty good job with the new set. What do you think?

Thank you Techspot for providing us with this information.


  • staticfx


  • Etienne Boutet boucher

    look like not only game got downgraded graphic lol

  • arfn

    So clean and simple

  • Floppy disk drive?

  • Looks very neat and cool. Can’t wait to try

  • Daniel Huggins

    hope they fixed a load of bugs from 10122, when i installed that, nothing worked 🙁 had to format and install 10074 again

    • Kevin Gerard Eccles

      Just use a Virtual Machine to test new builds?

  • 94DMP .

    Top picture is Windows 8.
    Before the icon upgrade, Windows 10 had VERY similar icons to what’s been “leaked”

  • Porkalicious

    lol “this PC”…. how… original
    also, EWWWwwww minimalistic