LEGO Dimensions: LEGO’s Answer to Skylanders and Amiibo

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Lego, probably the best toy franchise in the world, has finally jumped on board the interactive console gaming bandwagon. LEGO Dimensions aims to bring full customisation to this platform in true LEGO style.

So it all started back in October 2012 when Activision released Skylanders. Something revolutionary, where you can play with certain characters of your choice by putting the specific figure onto the play base/ portal base. Disney’s Infinity followed in August 2013 and Nintendo’s Amiibo November 2014. So now it’s LEGO’s turn, bringing the iconic LEGO brand, with its almost limitless customisation to the console; essentially bringing your ideas to life.

All of these manufacturers have a niche market, if not for the actual games, but for the figures. Skylanders have the dragons from Spyro, Infinity has a good proportion of the most popular Disney characters and Amiibo has some of the most iconic figures such as Pikachu from Pokemon. So what does LEGO have? Childhood memories, remember that first spaceship you made that didn’t look anything like a spaceship? Or that 3 wheel car that could only turn left or it would catch the carpet? Dem Feels right?

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So this starter pack will cost $99 and will be released towards the end of September. I personally can’t wait for this, I own Disney Infinity and Nintendo Amiibo and love the figures; the gameplay is a little on the childish side, but I guess it is designed for 7 year-olds. September can’t come quick enough.

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