LEGO Fortnite Player Count is higher Than Battle Royale

It so far seems that the new LEGO Fortnite is a slam dunk with its player count not just higher but more than double that of the main Battle Royal game mode. This is quite remarkable considering the new game mode was only released 4 days ago and has already had an all-time peak of 2,447,764 million players which is just mind-blowing.

LEGO Fortnite

As I said before the game was only released 4 days ago and has had an all-time peak of about 2.5 million players making it as popular as the 4 other most popular game modes combined excluding Battle Royal. This truly shows how much weight an established IP has considering this game mode is not too far off Save The World what Epic Games originally had in mind when making Fortnite. With the LEGO name backing it, it has now dwarfed Save The Worlds Numbers by about 30 times.

It’s undeniable that this new game mode has been a huge success but will it last? Will it meet the same fate as Epic Games original Survival Crafter? Please tell us what you think in the comments below or in our discord.

James Cusworth

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