Lego Unveils a 9,090-Piece Titanic Kit!

It has been nearly 110 years since the Titanic sank, and with the loss of 1,516 lives, it remains one of the most largest and notorious maritime disasters of all time. The sinking, however, has taken very little away from the ship itself which has become one of the most instantly recognisable designs throughout the world. – With the original taking around 3-years to build though, Lego has announced a new upcoming 9,090-piece kit that will, hopefully, be a little bit more expedient for you!

Lego Titanic Kit

The Lego Titanic model is effectively a scale replica of the original ship, but for those of you who enjoy a master-building challenge, this is definitely it. Not only does the kit come with 9,090 individual parts to assemble, but once done, you’ll find that it has a fully working anchor, and you can also adjust the tension lines between the masts.

However, the fun doesn’t end there as you can also, as part of the completed design, disassemble the ship to view a cross-section of the decks and engine bays.

Just to highlight a key point for those of you with more morbid thoughts on that suggestion, this has not been done so you can replicate the sinking. With the full model coming in at 1.35m long, however, this is definitely going to be a time-consuming but highly educational experience in how the Titanic was both built and designed.

Where Can I Learn More?

At the time of writing, Lego has not confirmed a specific regional release date for its Titanic kit. Following the launch of the official website, however, they have confirmed that it will come with a pretty hefty price tag of $629.99. – If you do, however, want to learn more, and maybe keep it bookmarked for a future pre-order, you can check it out via the link here!

Although not quite the biggest kit Lego has ever created, this is perhaps the one that I’d be most tempted to have a crack at. Albeit, presuming it may be thrown into a sale event at some point (I don’t think my wife would like the idea of me spending $600+ on Lego).

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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