Lenovo announces first table computer for multiple users and multi-touch use

/ 5 years ago

Lenovo is planning to release two new products, the IdeaCentre Horizon and the Gamma Table PCs. These products will start a new market for Lenovo which they hope will grow rapidly. They are dubbed “interpersonal PCs”, a device made for multiple users and supporting multi-touch gestures and  multi-mode devices for a different interactive experience to a typical touch PC.

The horizon will be coming with a 27 inch panel designed to be placed on a flat surface, like a table or floor. The device and the size of the panel lets two or more to use touchscreen at the same time. This could lead to future possibility of “board games” on the table PC as one of the major attractions of this device. There will be four joysticks and strikers to let you play certain type of games.

The touch interface will be using Windows 8. While the system will be powered by an Intel Core i7 processor and an Nvidia GPU.

Lenovo’s “Gamma” with an actual table stand is still in its concept stage, but it will have a 39″ panel built into the table with wheels.

Via: VR-Zone 

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