Lenovo leaks AMD Radeon HD 8950 3GB GPU while promoting X700 Gaming system

/ 5 years ago

During CES 2013 Lenovo showcased their new gaming system- the Erazer X700. The pre-built gaming rig comes with an i7 processor, 16GB of memory, 2TB of storage and a graphics card that caught everyone’s attention- the AMD Radeon HD 8950 3GB GPU.

Lenovo will also be shipping these units with a choice of either 2x GTX 660 1.5GB in SLI and an AMD Radeon HD 8950 3 GB- both in OEM version. This is the first gaming rig to feature a Sea Islands HD 8000 Series GPU.

The next gen AMD HD 8000 Sea Islands Radeon HD 8950 3 GB will have a 3 GB memory buffer and a 384-bit memory bus. Maybe Lenovo introduced this as an alternative for an nVidia GTX 660 because it consumes the same amount of power, although it will clearly have more performance.

The key features of the Lenovo X700 are as follows:

  • OneKey Overclocking increases processing speed with the click of a button
  • Lenovo Cooling System uses a liquid coolant to keep internal temperatures at optimal levels to protect system health while overclocking
  • AMD Eyefinity technology allows users to simultaneously connect up to six monitors for a truly panoramic display
  • Intel Core i7 Extreme processor
  • Dual graphics support – NVIDIA SLI, up to dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 1.5GB or ATI CrossFireX, up to dual AMD Radeon HD 8950 3GB graphics

This unit is scheduled to be available for $1499 on June 2013- when one could speculate that AMD’s HD 8000 Series is expected to launch.

Via: WCCFTech 


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  1. b-but i already have 2x 660 in SLI…

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