Lenovo Might Make a Retro-Styled ThinkPad Laptop

/ 2 years ago

lenovo retro thinkpad

It looks like David Hill, the VP of Design over at Lenovo, was hit by a wave of nostalgia recently and announced that he would like to create a brand new ThinkPad laptop with a retro twist. Inspired by old ThinkPad laptops from the 90s, this thing definitely brings back some memories, and even though it looks like it belongs in the past, it’s actually quite advanced technologically. It boasts a seven-row keyboard with function keys, dedicated volume controls and a blue enter key, while its display flaunts a 16:10 aspect ratio.

lenovo retro thinkpad 2

Rubberized paint, status LEDs and the quirky colorful ThinkPad logo are also included in the design. A slightly modern touch comes in the form of a hinge that enables the display to move 180-degrees, not to mention the device’s thickness of just 18mm. It’s worth keeping in mind that this thing is just a concept at this point, but its creator is currently looking for feedback from potential buyers in order to see if there’s a market for it. As you can probably imagine, Lenovo won’t make this retro-inspired ThinkPad unless there’s potential for profit, but it sure would be nice if they could at least manufacture it as part of a limited edition.

What do you think about this unique ThinkPad concept?

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  1. simply amazing the old style 😀

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