Lenovo officially announces X1 Carbon Touch.

/ 5 years ago

Starting with a price tag of US $1,499, Lenovo introduces the X1 Carbon Touch. It features a 14″ 1600x 900 resolution screen with 10 finger multi touch panel, carbon fibre body, processors with a choice of a Core i5- 3427U or i7-3667U IvyBridge, 8GB DDR3, Backlit thinkpad keyboard and Windows 8. The difference with the previous carbon counterpart is Windows 8 and the touchscreen implementation.

Lenovo calls this an “Ultrabook, but this notebook is 20.8mm thick and weighs 1.54kg, more than what the previous non-touch version of the X1 Carbon is because of the touchscreen. However one will have to ask just how many people would be interested to have a touchscreen notebook, considering a lot of people are not keen on re-learning their interaction with Windows after being used to it for a very long time.

Via: Lenovo U.S.

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