Lenovo Releases Automatic Tool to Remove Superfish

/ 3 years ago


Lenovo, the company embroiled in controversy over the Superfish adware preinstalled on a number of their PCs, has released a special removal tool to automatically rid their products of the software.

The company initially appeared slow to react to this issue, even perhaps insisting that there was nothing wrong with Superfish. However, after an apology, they have now released a purpose built tool to completely remove the offending program. Those who believe they may be using a Lenovo PC that has been affected by Superfish can download the tool here.

“We are working with McAfee and Microsoft to have the Superfish software and certificate quarantined or removed using their industry-leading tools and technologies. This action has already started and will automatically fix the vulnerability even for users who are not currently aware of the problem.” – Lenovo

It will effectively do the job for you, removing the adware completely. Plus, and perhaps more importantly, it will also take care of the sometime tricky to remove certificate that essentially allowed Superfish, or anyone else with password to that certificate, the ability to snoop on secure connections.

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Source: The Verge

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