Lenovo to split into two groups to compete for the high-End market

/ 5 years ago

From April 1st, Lenovo will be split into two in hopes that it will help them to compete in the high end market better, especially against the likes of Apple.

The first group, the Lenovo Business Group, will be taking care of mainstream notebooks, desktop systems, tablets, smartphones and Smart TVs, while the second group, the Think Business Group, will be going after the high end consumer market.

Lenovo’s CEO Yang Tuanqing said that Lenovo as a brand doesn’t have the same high end appeal as Think, hence splitting the group into two should give both the flexibility they require to compete again for high end consumers. Currently PC makers struggle to sell any of their systems priced at over $1,000, as this is usually Apple territory.

Only time will tell if the actual products produced by these two groups will have any significant appeal to it or not.

Via: Maximum PC 

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