Lenovo updates their Multimedia Remote adding backlit keyboard

/ 6 years ago

Lenovo are updating their Multimedia Remote, the N5901, with their new model; the N5902.

Equipped with the same features, more or less, the multimedia buttons on the top have been changed a bit, so has the keyboard slightly, as well as the position of the right and left button, which is now on the silver frame below the keyboard. As for the mouse, the track ball has been changed for an optical track point and Lenovo has also added a scroll bar right under the mouse.

Still featuring the easy one-hand/two-hand grip, the original glossy black has been changed to a more matte colour instead, thus avoiding fingerprints. The biggest improvement on the N5902 is the backlit keyboard, which unlike its predecessor,  now allows ease of use in the dark (most likely for use while watching a movie on an HTPC).

Here’s a demonstration video by Lenovo to give you an idea:

The Lenovo N5902 Multimedia Remote is now available for the price of $52.


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