LEPA GM And BM Series Power Supplies Available In Europe

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The LEPA brand has arrived in Europe, bringing proven technologies, durable components and an outstanding price-performance ratio. LEPA products have become increasingly popular in the past years. Now the company presents its third power supply generation.

The new GM and BM series provide an advanced cooling system and a high-performance technological design for strong gaming rigs. Special bonus: LEPA delivers the PSUs with the brand-new “Q-Brick” rubber frame. Both series, GM and BM, comply with the latest standard for desktop power supplies, ATX12V v2.4, and therefore also support the C6/C7 energy-saving modes of the most current Intel Haswell processors.


Maximum Gaming Performance with Minimum Energy Losses
The new power supplies from LEPA are specially designed for performance-capable graphics cards and CPUs. The 12V rail delivers at least 96 per cent of the total power and therefore offers enough reserve capacity for overclocking or system upgrades. By applying high-quality components and a modern PSU circuit, LEPA minimizes the power losses. With a peak efficiency of 92 per cent, the GM series fulfills the requirements of the international energy-saving certificate 80 PLUS Gold. The BM power supplies reach up to 88 per cent efficiency and possess the 80 PLUS Bronze seal.

Refined Cooling System for Most Silent Operation
LEPA has put effort in the development of a low-noise product: The fan of the GM and BM power supplies is based on a durable Hydraulic bearing that works almost frictionless. In the models with 700 watts and more, LEPA has applied large-size 13.5 cm fans. That way, it is possible to reach a high air flow rate at a lower speed and lower noise generation, compared to power supplies with a smaller fan.

Q-Brick: Smart Innovation from LEPA
LEPA has well-equipped the new BM and GM power supplies: The semi-modular cable management offers a variety of connectors for all possible configurations. Starting from 700 watts, the power supplies come with four PCI-E connectors to support strong multi-GPU systems. A unique feature of the GM and BM series is the brand-new “Q-Brick” rubber frame. It reduces vibrations and ensures an effective decoupling of the power supply. Depending on the individual taste, users can choose between a striking red or plain black frame.

Availability and Prices
The BM series (MaxBron) is available with 450, 550, 700, 800 and 1000 watts. The GM series (MaxGold) comes in four versions with 500, 600, 700 and 800 watts. The new LEPA power supplies will be on sale soon.


MSRP (incl. VAT)

  • MaxBron B450-MB: €56.90
  • MaxBron B550-MB: €64.90
  • MaxBron B700-MB: €79.90
  • MaxBron B800-MB: €89.90
  • MaxBron B1000-MB: €119.90
  • MaxGold G500-MB: €89.90
  • MaxGold G600-MB: €99.90
  • MaxGold G700-MB: €109.90
  • MaxGold G800-MB: €119.90

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