Lepa Readies Line of High-Wattage Platimum PSUs

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We’ve been teased with the new line of Max Platinum power supplies from LEPA since CES and CeBIT this year and now it looks like they’re finally getting ready to launch. These aren’t just any power supplies, they are what looks to be the best of the best and come in a duality.

Even though it is a duo of devices, they act as a trio as the largest model will vary depending on the voltage supplied. The efficiency is rated up to 93% that places them firmly into the Platinum range and they are built with solid state capacitors and 105°C Japanese grade A capacitors that should offer great reliability and a longer lifespan.

The first new PSU is the LEPA P1050M that as the name suggest has 1050 watts and supports peak power draw up to 1155 watts. It has a modular cable design with flat peripheral cables to simplify the installation. The fan is a 125 mm ball bearing fan with thermal speed control. The PSU only measures 17 cm so there is plenty of room for cabling behind it and there shouldn’t be to many case compatibility issues either.

There are plenty of cables to connect to this device. It offers enough to hook up three high-end graphics cards with the six 6+2 pin PCI-E connectors. It has the obligatory 24-pin ATX, a 4+4-pin and 8-pin EPS connectors for the motherboard and CPU. For the peripherals it has twelve SATA and eight Molex connections. For floppy drives, fan controllers and similar devices it offers one Berg connection. This PSU uses a four +12V rail design.

The second PSU is the LEPA P1700M that has a massive 1700 watts when connected to a 230V power line. It will be sold as the LEPA P1375M In North America and Japan where they only have 110V power lines and as you guessed it can deliver 1375 watts. The 1700 watts model can peak up to 1800 watts and the 1375 watts model has an enormous headroom with peak abilities up to 1600 watts.

This model is based on a six +12V rail design and is 1 cm longer than the little brother and is 18 cm long. This is still small for a PSU with that kind of power and something many enthusiasts have been asking for. Otherwise it features the same fan and cable system.

The LEPA P1700M has plenty of cables to connect all your power-hungry devices starting with the 24-pin ATX, one 4-pin and two 8-pin EPS connectors for the motherboard and CPUs. The P1375M has eight 6+2pin PCI-E connectors and the P1700M has ten of them for up to five high-end graphics cards. There are 14 SATA, 10 Molex and 2 Berg connectors for the rest.

There is no word on availability or pricing yet, but expect to pay a premium for this kind of high-end power.

Thank you techpowerup for providing us with these information

Image courtesy of LEPA

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  1. Wayne says:

    If I ever own a rig that requires 1700 watts of Thomas Edisons finest to operate I’d need to swallow a handful of Valiums just to glance at my electricity bill.

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