‘Let’s Encrypt’ Proposes Easy Web Encryption For All

/ 3 years ago


HTTPS is the security standard of the internet. A glance at that tells the user that their data should be secure. But what if that web address prefix is absent? Only 24 percent of 151,000 implement the HTTPS protocol. Enter Let’s Encrypt, created by non-profit Internet Security Research Group and sponsored by Mozilla, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Cisco, and Akamai.

Let’s Encrypt wants to set-up a single-line command tool for authenticating a website, itself acting as a certificate authority, for free. Other companies offer similar services, but for a fee. Essentially, Let’s Encrypt offer online security, at no charge, at the click of a button. The ambition is to make it easy enough for every entity with a website, at every level of coding ability, to administer HTTPS security.

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Let’s Encrypt launches in 2015.

Source: Popular Science

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