LG Has Curved Batteries In Production

/ 4 years ago


While curved displays from LG and Samsung are starting to hit the market many have already questioned the usefulness of them when the rest of a phone or tablet cannot curve with the display. Well rest assured LG are aware of this problem and in their latest innovation they are developing curved batteries capable of bending with a curved display. LG Chem unveiled three new innovations they categorised as curved batteries, stepped batteries and cable batteries.

These curved batteries being produced by LG Chem will power the next generation of LG smartphones and they use a patented “stack and folding” technology. LG says these flexible batteries can be used to fit phones, watches or even glasses. Since they have already entered production they should become available soon.

One of the other main showcases is another more advanced form of curved battery – the cable battery, pictured above, which can be tied into a knot and won’t heat up during use. LG says it will be ready in “upcoming years”.

LG Chem have also been working on more conventional things such as a new “stepped battery” for the LG G2 that allows for 16% more battery capacity than it currently ships with, so a raise from 3000 mAh to 3480 mAh.

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