LG G Flex Flexible 6-Inch Display Phone Expected Next Month

/ 4 years ago


Like Samsung, LG is looking to put its flexible display technology to use on a brand new smartphone. LG is going to be implementing a 6 inch flexible display on a new “LG G Flex” smartphone which CNET reports will be unveiled next month. The device, pictured above, will be rigid but comes with a curved display to make use of that flexible display. Of course as we noted with Samsung’s rumoured flexible display Galaxy Note III the phone itself will not be flexible. LG’s G Flex will be as rigid as any other smartphone on the market because the flexible materials required to make a flexible smartphone simply do not exist yet.

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LG’s flexible display technology is apparently more durable, lighter and cheaper to manufacture than conventional displays which bodes well for the longevity of any product that uses it. The main features of the flexible display technology in LG’s G Flex will be an almost unbreakable display and an artistic bending, shown above.

Image courtesy of CNET

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  • Ryan Airth

    Is it not possible to just keep the screen flexible and then have a solid rectangular prism base that contains the battery, CPU, camera etc?

    • Gerry Mann

      and what use could that bring to people? in other words it’ll be just another solid phone.

      • Ryan Airth

        There’s probably something, I don’t know.
        But it would be really cool though ^^