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LG to Introduce WebOS 2.0 Powered TV Lineup at CES

WebOS has undergone a lot of changes from back in the days when it was Palm’s operating system. First HP bought it and then later sold it to LG that started using it in their TVs rather than mobile devices. That is common knowledge, but what most don’t know is that there has been a lot of tension behind the lines. WebOS had some of the most skilled people on board, but a lot of them have left due to internal conflicts and pressure from above to implement features that collided with other features. The reason for this was that the people in charge would get bonuses depending on how many of their features would be implemented in the final products. Everyone pushing their own thing, and many of them, with disregard for what the other groups were doing.

That was the history lesson, now to the current situation. LG will be presenting their lineup of TVs based on the brand new WebOS 2.0, and so far the OS has gotten praise from those who have seen it. This is good news for the consumers and it could point towards the internal problems being solved, at least for now.

The new card-based interface will be presented at CES in January and according to LG, the webOS 2.0 update will reduce boot time by 60 per cent and the whole system will be smoother and faster than its predecessor. An example given is the switch between the Smart Home screen and the YouTube app has been improved 70% in loading times.

My Channels is another new feature that allows users to customize their favorite live TV channels or set-top box channels on the Launcher Bar, for that extra convenience. Quick Settings lets viewers adjust their TV without interrupting the program they’re watching and Input Picker allows connected devices to be recognized instantly for immediate use. There will also be access to a long list of UHD content via services such as Amazon and Netflix. Netflix 4k content will be available at the same level, for screens that support the resolution.

“With the newest features introduced in webOS 2.0, the overall user experience has become even simpler, easier and more intuitive,” said In-kyu Lee, senior vice president and head of the TV and monitor division at the LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “The webOS platform is a great example of our commitment to taking a leadership role in the next generation TV market with a truly innovative Smart TV solution.”

Thanks to LG for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of LG

Bohs Hansen

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