LG Introduces V960 AIO Desktop With 2560 by 1080 Display

/ 5 years ago


LG has just introduced a brand new AIO desktop PC, based the on the LG EA93 display. This features LG’s new 29 inch IPS 2560 by 1080 21:9 monitor. LG have turned this into an AIO by adding Nvidia’s mobile GT 640M graphics card and an unknown Intel Core i5 mobile processor, probably Haswell or Ivy Bridge based.

Furthermore the V960 includes a standalone TV tuner which allows you to use it as a TV and keep the PC component powered off. Interestingly their is a PIP (picture in picture) option to watch TV whilst continuing to use the PC.   And if that wasn’t flexible enough you can of course use the display as a standalone monitor taking HDMI or MHL input. LG also unveiled a “non-PC” version of it, aka just the monitor with the TV tuner and thos costs $600. While the AIO variant costs $1300 to $2000 depending on the hardware installed.

Image courtesy of LG

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