LG is expected to be a major fabless Chip maker by January???

/ 5 years ago

According to a report in Korea Times, the company is currently hiring a number of chip designers to boost its efforts and also done with the developed of their SOC to be used in Web-based TVs.

It is also rumoured that L.G. is closed to even developing its own in-house mobile processors for smartphones.This was possible, according to the report, as the company hired around 550 Chip designers for this project. L.G. believes that doing so will help them to have a balanced business.
The main motive for L.G. to do so is to gain more leverage and to lower parts supplement risk. As of now, L.G. is not selling their own-branded chips to any of the manufacturers. But seeing that L.G. has made a very impressive effort to SOC for a Web-based TV and a mobile processor, its just a matter of time for L.G., if all goes well, to compete with Samsung Electronics and even Broadcom.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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