LG show off 84 inch 4K TV

/ 5 years ago

Displays have come so far in such a short space of time. LG Display are leading the 4K revolution (not resolution) with their latest product. Their new 84 inch TV utilises the Quad HD 4K resolution, 3840 x 2160, the same as four 1080P panels put together in a 2 by 2 rectangle shape.

With a QuadHD resolution this 84 inch TV shows an impressive 8.3 mega pixels with every frame. Although its refresh rate isn’t known it is probably 60HZ.

The technology is in its infancy, but LG’s CEO, Havis Kwon, said that “it was important for LG to claim a stake in this space.”

LG Display’s rivals Panasonic and Toshiba have both made 4K displays using 20 inch and 55 inch displays respectively. LG’s latest creation demonstrates its leadership in the field, pegged back into place by its only real competitor Samsung Display who can fund increasingly complex research with their very deep pockets – much deeper than LG.

The price of this new display certainly isn’t cheap – $22,010 to be exact. The 84-inch beast is available now in South Korea and will launch in other locations in September. We don’t expect the QuadHD 4K resolution standard to catch on any time soon at that price.


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