LG Will Launch Flexible OLED Smartphone By The End of The Year

/ 5 years ago


LG electronics have had a great start to this year with record numbers of smartphones shipped, but their year looks set to get a lot more successful if what they say materialises.

Yoo Bu-Hyun, vice president of LG’s rapidly expanding mobile business, has confirmed that the company are working on a smartphone that looks set to shake up the entire market. Why? Because it promises to have a flexible OLED display.

In practice this does sound amazing, and LG should be praised for pushing the market forward with their innovation. However, there aren’t many other components that have the same level of flexibility – i.e. currently we do not have flexible casing, flexible batteries and so on. This means the usage of the flexible display will be limited, unless LG can come up with some really innovate designs that allow the handset to be normal and rigid but the display to be used in a flexible way.

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That said, LG could have a wrap-around display device, that would certainly make for a very interesting looking smartphone and make use of the screen’s flex capabilities.

LG didn’t mention any specific products or any specific dates but we can expect to see a flexible OLED smartphone sometime in Q4 (October 1st to December 31st) of this year.

What are your thoughts on a flexible OLED smartphone? Good idea? Exciting news? Or impractical given the fact the rest of the phone isn’t flexible?


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