Lian Li introduce the PC-Q12 Tall PC Case at CES

/ 6 years ago

Lian Li have been showing off the new PC-Q12 case at CES 2012. The case is designed to be slim and tall and Lian Li have designed in such a way that it is intended to be a feature of any home’s living room. The case is fully aluminium in traditional Lian Li style and fits only mini-ITX form factor motherboards so is aimed at the HTPC type market. It measures in at 88 x 365 x 280 mm (WxHxD) but consequently lacks any external drive bays, however it does possess 4 internal 2.5″ drive bays so there is still room for plenty of storage given the fact you can get 1TB 2.5″ drives.

In terms of ventilation you get a single top 80mm fan (RPM, dBA etc are not known) to provide airflow which should be enough to keep the case cool considering it is not aimed at the performance market. It comes with an integrated power supply and the front panel is very simple – just two USB 3.0 ports. With regards to PCI brackets, you get a grand total of zero at the back, expansion cards are therefore out of the question.

Source: TPU

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