Lian-Li Pitstop T7 Mini-ITX Test Bench Unboxing Video

/ 8 years ago

Today we are looking at the Lian-Li Pitstop T7 Mini-ITX Test Bench.

This test bench is perfect for reviews like myself and enthusiasts who are constantly changing the hardware that makes up their computer(s) It’s made by Lian-Li who focus on making stylish products with superb build quality, and this product sticks by those rules.

Overall it’s a quirky product that screams out with style and durability.



One Response to “Lian-Li Pitstop T7 Mini-ITX Test Bench Unboxing Video”
  1. thebigbadwolf says:

    I hear they make a full size one of these too? Now that would be swish especially in the red colour that they do!

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