Lian Li releases two new cases

/ 7 years ago

The chassis manufacturer Lian Li has released two brand new cases. The HTPC PC-C60 case and the ATX Mid-Tower PC-6 case. As we have come to expect from Lian Li both these cases will be sleekly designed, made from high quality metal and with brushed finishes in either white or black.

The PC-6 case supports graphics cards up to a length of 44cm or around 17″ so there should be no issues with fitting in the latest cards into it. It has 8 ventilated tooless PCI-E brackets along the back. The case supports full ATX boards, Mini ATX boards and Mini ITX boards. The front storage has three 3.5″ hard drive bays and a single 2.5″ bay at the bottom. On the front there is support for three 5.25″ bays so room for say a DVD-RW, Blu Ray Drive and a fan controller.

The Power supply is mounted at the bottom and has a grill and rubber pads to allow for ventilation without any noise from vibrations. The case comes fitted with a rear 140mm and a front 140mm set of fans, and quite helpfully both these have washable air filters.

The front inputs include one USB 3.0, one USB 2.0, headphone and microphone jacks. Dimensions of the PC are 210mm x 475mm x 498mm (WxHxD) and the weight is 5kg.

The PC-C60 case also supports ATX, mATX and M-ITX motherboards like the larger case. This case is designed for a HTPC so to have support for Video cards up to 10.6 inches is extremely generous. The front has two 5.25″ bays for your media drives and you get a lot of room for storage devices too: 6 X 3.5″ bays and 3 X 2.5″ bays. All mounts are tool less and anti-vibration equipped. The case supports standard size ATX power supplies and has the same fan set up as the PC-6 case (140mm front intake and 140mm rear outtake).

The Front panels holds two USB 3.0, one E-Sata, headphone jack and a microphone jack. Dimensions of the PC-C60 are 445mm x 182mm x 410mm (WxHxD) and the weight is 4.1kg.

  • MSRP for PC-C60: US$229 (VAT NOT INCLUDED)
  • MSRP for PC-6: US$149 (VAT NOT INCLUDED)
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