Linux-based Mobile Operating System Launched By China

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China has disclosed a brand new, government-blessed mobile OS. Dubbed China OS, or COS, the platform relies on UNIX system and is being developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with Liantong Network communications technology – a Shanghai-based company. The open-source OS is meant to interrupt the existing non-competitive hold of giants like Apple and Google on China’s mobile market.

According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, foreign OSes cause great risks and problems, however COS is said to be able to solve every security and usability aspect issues at the same time. COS is reportedly made completely independent to other OSes , with the help of a security-enhanced UNIX system kernel that supports various runtime environments, in addition to multitasking. The platform will be released together with a user-friendly interface and can be used in numerous devices, like smartphones, tablets, personal computers, smart hand-held terminals, and even set-top boxes.

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China Mobile and China Telecom are said to have been testing the operating system for three months. There are currently only four smartphones running on COS at the moment, rumors pointing out to one of the smartphones being a HTC. The goal set for COS is to become one of the most used OS in China.

COS has support for both JAVA and HTML5 and is said to be compatible with over 100,000 mobile applications, leading to the conclusion that a unified app store on the new platform is in development as well.

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