Linux creator Linus Torvalds slates Nvidia

/ 5 years ago

Founder and creator of the Linux Kernel, Linus Torvalds, has been making some bold statements to the media recently. Whilst attending an interactive question and answer session with students and developers in the Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship in Otaniemi, Finland, Linus passed several negative comments in response to a question about Nvidia’s Optimus technology.

Linus went on to say that he thought Nvidia was one of the greatest trouble spots that the Linux Kernel had encountered with relation to hardware manufacturers. He stated that Nvidia’s unwillingness to work with the Linux community was sad especially considering Nvidia is becoming ever more dependent on the Android-driven (a Linux based OS) mobile computing market not just the PC market. Linus then followed that by stating Nvidia was the single worst company he had ever worked with before turning to the camera and proclaiming “So Nvidia, F**k you”.

The incident in question starts at around 48:30.


Source: Phoronix

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