Lithium Ion Powered Xbox 360 Controller on Kickstarter

/ 5 years ago

Evil Controllers asks gamers to make a pledge for the perfect Xbox 360 controller: A Rechargeable battery powered controller with a more comfortable ergonomic design.

Evil Controllers announces a new Xbox 360 controller at Currently unavailable, gamers can pledge as little as $50 to take advantage of this evolution. The Kickstarter project unveils a new wireless Xbox 360 controller back plate that comes with a lithium ion battery and a six-foot mini USB cable to use for recharging the battery’s life.

The Evil back plate will be available as a DIY Kit for easy installation on any official Microsoft Xbox 360 controller, but can also be awarded to any pledger that pledges $80 or more on a brand new controller. Installing the Evil back plate on any compatible controller will make the controller more comfortable, rechargeable and lighter.

“A lot of things keep the controller from evolving; it comes to money when it comes to production, some things need to be left out, sometimes it’s good for the gamer and sometimes it’s not.” Adam Coe, President of Evil Controllers explained in the Kickstarter video why this innovative hasn’t come along yet, “I think this is going to be the final piece to make the 360 controller what it needs to be.”

Release date is to be announced, as the project will need to adequately funded before Evil Controllers will begin production. Evil Controllers believes this product is a no brainer to the right audience. Not having the resources of a large multi-million dollar company Evil Controllers can utilize the potential of Kickstarter to produce a product gamers deserve and empower them to help in the products production.

Check out the “Evil Controllers: The Ultimate Gaming Controller” Kickstarter page at the following link:

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