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Live-Action Sonic The Hedgehog Movie in the Works

Paramount pictures has announced that they have the rights to Sonic the Hedgehog and is bringing it to the big screen. The project is going to be a live-action movie with CGI animation elements, rather than a cartoon. Sony Entertainment was originally developing the big screen adaptation but they put it into turnaround. The good news is that much of the same creative team who has been working on it for a while are intact. Neal Moritz and Deadpool director Tim Miller are executive producing.

The movie will obviously revolve around Sonic, but Knuckles as well as Tails will be in it as well. The movie will be Jeff Fowler’s feature directorial debut. He is a longtime Blur Studio collaborator with Tim Miller. The two previously worked together on the animated short Gopher Broke back in 2005 which was Academy Award-nominated.

Sonic The Hedgehog on Film

Obviously, there are some other concerns other than this movie being the director’s first major motion debut. The choice of going live action when it comes to video game adaptation has not gone well in Hollywood. In fact, there are more awful video game movies than there are good ones. Even the ones that are classified as “good” are underwhelming in typical movie standards. However, with technology as advanced now, it could be much better handled than back in the 90’s.

Miller and Fowler also have extensive experience blending CGI animation with live-action scenes. Miller’s Deadpool made liberal use of CGI animation in all the fight scenes for example. It also had a fully CGI character called Colossus as one of the main characters. Since Sonic has been around since the early 90’s. There is also a wealth of stories to draw inspiration from. There is also a large, multi-generational fanbase that would love to see it on screen.


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