Lizard Squad Hacks Malaysia Airlines Website

/ 3 years ago


Lizard Squad strikes again. This time they’ve hacked the website of Malaysia Airlines, taking it down for a short while, before announcing that they’re “going to dump some loot” from the company’s servers.

The Malaysia Airlines website featured the message bellow – “404 Plane Not Found” alongside their usual message and a rap track that apparently celebrates their previous ‘achievements’, including the PSN and Xbox DDoS attacks.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.05.32

They then followed it up with this message on Twitter.

The site has since come back online, but it remains to be seen what ‘loot’ the hackers might have. Why they would hack Malaysia Airlines like this is also unknown, although it most definitely has something to do with the MH370 aircraft that went missing last year.

Source: The Next Web

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2 Responses to “Lizard Squad Hacks Malaysia Airlines Website”
  1. crescentish says:

    I very much dislike what the Lizard squad are doing. How can you possibly feel like such self entitled pricks to think that this is somehow OK. You are nothing but a bunch of puny, low-life thieves Lizard!

  2. Why is there account still up? (twitter)

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