Lizard Squad Identities Supposedly Revealed by Anonymous

/ 2 years ago


Another day, another Lizard Squad story. Anonymous have apparently had their revenge and unmasked those behind the ‘hacking’ group.

A list of names, addresses and other contact details have been dumped onto pastebin. The details are quite specific, listing their MAC addresses, IP addresses and even details of their family members.

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Those listed are all fairly young, meaning Lizard Squad most probably is just a bunch of teenagers in their bedrooms doing it for the “lulz”.

Source: Pastebin 

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    so anonymous can find them , but the authorities / Sony or Microsoft cant ……. ?

    • Futilizer

      You have no idea how large anonymous could be. As for the authorities they are probably busy with crimes of a more deathly nature.

  • Notofthiswar

    Be awesome if they released The info so people could find them and hunt them down. I wanna see them die

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