Lizard Squad Supposedly Unmasked by Rivals

/ 3 years ago


Pesky hacker group Lizard Squad, who have launched a number of attacks upon Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network (among many others) have apparently been unmasked by a rival group.

‘The Finest Squad’ wrote that they had taken Lizard Squad from Twitter.

This is not yet confirmed, but we’ll update you if there is any more information.

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One Response to “Lizard Squad Supposedly Unmasked by Rivals”
  1. Matthew Pierson says:

    it’s on twitter so it must be true…
    They will probably keep being annoying until authorities actually arrest them. Other than that, there isn’t really anything anyone can do to keep them from being super annoying, All they do is ddos everything and they think they’re hackers. They aren’t hackers, just a few people with no lives and some computer skills.

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