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Lizard Squad’s DDoS Tool Used to Take Down 4chan

A for-hire DDoS tool, run by Lizard Squad, the hacker group responsible for the Christmas attacks on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, has been used to take down infamous den of depravity,

Lizard Squad made the DDoS tool, which they call Lizard Stresser, available to use by anyone who wants to pay for the service earlier this week. The Lizard Stresser system uses 2400GB/s of data to facilitate its DDoS attacks, double the level of the Xbox and PSN attacks.

The 4chan website went down on the morning of 3rd January. The content of a now-deleted tweet seemed to confirm the involvement of Lizard Stresser:

Someone is hitting 4chan with our booter, loling irl

— R.I.U. Lizard Squad (@LizardMafia) January 3, 2015

There is no indication as to who is responsible for hiring Lizard Stresser to take down 4chan.

Source: TechWorm

Ashley Allen

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