Logic Supply Launches Perfectron SR Military-Grade Compact Desktops

/ 2 years ago


I’ll admit that I’m intrigued by compact, fanless desktops, especially since some of them are considerably smaller than regular laptops, yet they are able to deliver just as much performance without making a sound. Quite a few companies specialize in manufacturing these mini-PCs, and one of them is Logic Supply. The company has just announced its Perfectron SR line of fanless desktops, all of which are actually military-grade. This means that they’re able to function in extreme conditions, particularly when it comes to high temperatures, all thanks to a series of large heatsink body panels that channel heat away from the main components.

The heatsinks on the top and bottom were made out of aluminum, and they weigh 1 kg each. When it comes to specs, these fanless PCs are powered by Intel Core i7-4700EQ quad-core processors and NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M graphics cards that offer enough power for basic multimedia tasks. Other details include 8 GB of dual-channel XR-DIMM memory and 64 GB of SSD storage, which is not exactly a lot. Depending on its hardware configuration, the Perfectron SR should come with a price tag of $6,299 for its most basic version, which doesn’t include the dedicated Nvidia card. The $9,286 middle-class version features the GT 730M, while the top-of-the-line variant costs $13,783 and is fully IP65 rated for very extreme conditions.


Interestingly enough, it looks like the device’s I/O connectors don’t come with any sort of dust or humidity protection, which kind of diminishes the “military-grade” attribute. Moreover, I think that $6,299 is a lot of money to pay for a relatively weak PC, even if it can withstand blistering hot temperatures.

What do you think about the Logic Supply Perfectron SR fanless desktops?

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