Logitech Announces the Harmony Express Universal Remote Control

Less Buttons, More Voice Control

Logitech is announcing the latest addition to their Harmony universal control family. This time they are calling it the Harmony Express, and it is a much simplified version with less buttons.

To ensure it is still very capable while being easy enough to use by anyone in the family, Logitech utilizes voice control. For this, they have teamed up with Amazon, integrating their Alexa voice control technology into the small Harmony Express remote.

There are only nine buttons on the remote now, and these are for the primary functions. It has Back, Home and Menu for option navigation. On the second line, it has the playback controls, rewind/previous, pause/play, and forward/next. Finally, on the third line it has the volume controls for less sound, mute toggle and more sound.

Everything else is done by voice command. It can even turn on your cable box receiver, TV, launch streaming platforms and more. Since it is Alexa enabled, users can also use it to ask for TV program schedule, hear the news, and even control other devices in the network.

Since it is smaller, some users might be afraid of losing it somewhere around the house. Such as between the sofa cushions for instance. Thankfully, Logitech has integrated a “find my remote” feature on the device.

To use it, simply run the free companion Harmony Express app and it will find it for you. Apparently, this is the most requested feature for their Harmony devices and it is about time they complied.

How Much is the Logitech Harmony Express Universal Remote Control?

The Logitech Harmony Express is available immediately on Amazon and for $249.99 USD. Additionally, the the free Harmony Express mobile app is available now on the App Store for iPhone users and Google Play for Android users.

Ron Perillo

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