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Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Mouse Review

A Closer Look

The design of the G900 is certainly a sight to behold. It looks very different from their other flagship mouse, the G502 Proteus Core (Review).

Down the left side, you’ll find two side buttons for forward/backward navigation although these can be customised in the software or physically by removing the buttons; we’ll show you that in a moment.

Down the right side, a blank panel is in place, but again, you can add/remove buttons here. The lightweight design of the mouse is simply incredible too, just holding it makes you wonder how it is so lightweight, but the nicely finished plastics still give it a premium look and feel overall.

The left and right mouse buttons are independent of each other, mounted on a special mechanical pivot that gives them a consistent action and snappy return.

If you look just behind the side panel switch (which I’ve removed) you can just about make out the mechanism for mounting the switch. The high-quality switches have a great action to them with a nicely defined tactile and audible click; they’re going to be great for fast-paced competitive gaming.

The buttons on either side of the mouse can be pulled away, as they’re mounted with magnets.

By doing so, you can install either a blank panel or the two included switches to tailor the mouse to left and right-handed designs.

Of course, if you want two buttons on each side, giving you more room for extra macros, you can do that too; the choice is yours!

In the center, you’ll find the famous Logitech scroll wheel, which comes with a mechanical switch to lock it into a normal turning mode, which has a tactile bump at each step when rotated, or you can unlock it for free and smooth rotation. Below that, you’ll find a micro-USB port for charging/wired modes. The front design of the mouse is certainly impressive too; it looks like a the sporty design of a supercar.

The ergonomics of the G900 are symmetrical, perfect for the ambidextrous design. The raised back, as well as the curvy sides and long LMB and RMB buttons work well to provide a comfortable grip for all play styles; claw, fingertip and palm rest.

The central column of the mouse has been given a lovely chrome effect, providing a nice contrast to the matte black plastics. Here you’ll find the scroll wheel, lock/unlock for the wheel, two programmable switches (DPI up/down at default) and three RGB LED indicators that can be used for the DPI readout.

There are four large slipmats on the base, as well as two smaller ones surrounding the sensor. These give the G900 exceptional glide, although that’s helped in no small part by the ultra-lightweight design. There’s also a master power switch, as well as a master profile switch; with up to five onboard profiles, you can take all your settings with you when you need to.

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