Logitech launches two new webcams with easy to use features

/ 6 years ago

Logitech has always been acclaimed for its product quality and their efficiency, once more, they are providing an easy-to-use product with two webcams: the Logitech C170 and the Logitech C110.

Both designed with a sleek universal clip, they will fit on any laptop of desktop to make online conversation even more open. A built-in automatic noise-reduction helps minimizing the background noise and Logitech’s Fluid Crystal technology makes the images smoother and sharper for a more enjoyable view.

The webcam offers high-quality video call with a frame rate per second of 30 that allows you to capture video at 1024×768 (XVGA).

Onto more specific details with the C170, designed to reduce choppiness and background noise to a minimum and the improved performance in low light situations ensures the reproduction of a clear image in any environments. Thanks to the enhancing software, the C170 is also capable of taking 5-megapixel pictures, also offering a quicker and easier way to connect with people.

The C110 on the other hand has less features, but it is still able to capture high-quality videos without trouble as well as clear 1.3-megapixel photos.

As for the price,  there is very little difference to be noted between them, with the Logitech Webcam C170 priced at £14.99/€16.99 and the Logitech Webcam C110 at £12.99/€14.99, at this price point they provide more than enough.


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