Logitech Offers G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard for £130

/ 6 months ago

Logitech Offers G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard for £130

Mechanical gaming keyboards are ubiquitous now but there are not many wireless solutions out there. Which is why Logitech is introducing their new G613, liberating gamers from the tether of a USB cable. The G613 uses their in-house Romer-G switches which has a 1.5mm actuation distance and is rated for up to 70 million key presses. What’s surprising is that Logitech opted to give the G613 plenty of bells and whistles. This includes six dedicated macro keys and dedicated multimedia buttons.

Logitech G613: Lots of Features, No RGBs

Logitech Offers G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard for £130

The company is confident enough in their product that they did not saddle the G613 with any useless RGB LED features. In fact most of the extras are purely functional. It has a built-in wrist rest that extends at a curve for convenience. It also has a very classic look to it unlike most gaming keyboards. The layout uses a standard 104-key US ANSI plus the bonus macro keys and multimedia keys of course. However, since the extra features have their own buttons, there are two Windows keys and there are no Fn keys that enable a secondary button function. This helps minimizing the latency since the signal from the button has to transmit wirelessly.

Logitech Offers G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard for £130

Logitech uses something called “Lightspeed” and every wireless peripheral in this platform is highly optimized for gaming. According to the company, the polling rate of the wireless receivers are down to 1ms. The Lightspeed-enabled devices also use a proprietary frequency agility mechanism so that it stays connected. Best of all, The G613 can operate on two AA batteries for up to two months, which is amazing news considering what it can do.

Pricing and Availability

Availability begins early September with an MSRP of £130. Supply may vary, depending on your region.

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