Logitech Refreshed Their G Series Gaming Peripheral Lineup

/ 5 years ago

Logitech’s G series that is aimed as a specific “Gaming” gaming peripheral range has a new refresh. The refresh consists of not just new skins on the existing mice models, but also newer and better components inside. The newer versions will be using the “S” suffix which will be added to their existing model numbers, but will be equipped with better switches and sensors.

Logitech has prepped gaming mice with model numbers (from top left) G100s, G400s, G700s and G500s. Since their gaming peripheral range has been very successful over the years, especially during the “MX” branding days, its little chance that Logitech would be make a mess of this. Logitech kept a pricetag of $39 for G100s, $59 FOR G400s, $69 for G500s and $99 for G700s wired/wireless mouse combo.

Logitech’s gaming keyboards will also be having a refresh with the model (from top) G19s and G510s. Both keyboard feature colour configurable backlit keyboard and their proprietary GamePanel LCD display. GamePanel is something that Logitech has implemented on some of their older models and since its popular amongst many end users, many users would appreciate this. As an improvement, the company used hydrophobic coating on the palm rest and used a double coat on the keys for higher longevity. However (and unfortunately for some type of users) these keyboards still uses membrane keys and not the mechanical key switches that many gaming peripheral manufacturers use.

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G19s uses a full colour GamePanel LCD display and uses an external power brick to power up the keyboard which uses a single USB 2.0 port. The power brick allows the keyboard to connect 2x USB 2.0, backlit and the GamePanel. MSRP is $199.

G510s is more of a stripped down version, but it comes with an integrated USB audio port which toggles on when your your headphone is connected to it. This comes with an MSRP of $119.


2 headsets are also introduced under the refreshed lineup: G430 and G230. Both headsets feature noise-cancelling microphones. G430 comes with a price tag of $79 but is a 7.1 surround sound and a removable USB audio dongle. G230 which comes with the MSRP of $59 does not have these features, instead comes with a basic stereo sound support.

Another good part is that Logitech has unified the support of these products using only one piece of software, something that Logitech has an edge over other manufacturers. G430, however, is compatible with Mac.

The availability of the newer units from Logitech is schedules for April 2013 for United States and May 2013 for Europe.

Source: Engadget | Anandtech

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One Response to “Logitech Refreshed Their G Series Gaming Peripheral Lineup”
  1. Wayne says:

    The pattern on the mice looks dreadful to me but that’s subjective. The top right mouse looks just like my 10 year old MX 510 which I still have, and it works. Never thought much of the keyboards though, far too big and far too many macro keys. I do like the unified software though. I wish more peripheral makers would do the same thing.

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