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LoL Update Sees New Map Introduced

Many months ago I was introduced to a jaw-dropping statistic. According to their own data, Riot Games will see a minimum of 4 million users logged in to their League of Legends client at any one time, worldwide. This really helped put into perspective how big games were really becoming globally. This is coupled with the tens of thousands of concurrent users that League of Legends pro streamers receives every day, alongside hundreds of thousands of viewers for each world series tournament game.

On November the 13th, Riot Games released one of their biggest updates yet – seeing the new update to Summoners Rift head into BETA.

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that League of Legends is a massively successful project and here to stay. Commonly known as ‘League’ by its regulars, this update sees the games mainly played map fully updated with improved graphics, clutter minimization and it will mesh more with current game styling. So far it’s sounding like a very VALVE-eque CS:GO update in all honesty – you know, those updates they do after the 100th Reddit thread about map release clutter being unbearable. Riot has announced alongside this update that for the next “several weeks” you can earn yourself limited red and blue icons by winning a match on either respective starting side of your game.

There are other game-modes and maps besides Summoners Rift including their popular ARAM (All Random, All Mid) level – however updates for this version have not yet been announced to the public.

This update is said to come alongside more anti-cheating methods implemented by Riot, combating a various range of third-party plugins devised to give one or multiple players an unfair game advantage aka filthy hackers.

If you wish to try out the Beta of this new map, you’re going to have to queue with bots or in ‘team builder mode’ until it goes live on public matchmaking.

Image courtesy of onGamers

Chris Smith

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