London Police Use Flickr to Identify Looters

/ 7 years ago

While we are sure you will all be aware of the latest, and very disappointing, news from the UK, we thought we’d give you a view on how technology is helping, and will certainly continue to help over the next few weeks.

Rioting has continued to plague London, and now other cities across the UK, since Saturday night, but the London Metropolitan Police using CCTV and the internet to help recognise people who have been causing these disturbances.

On Tuesday, the Metropolitan Police of London posted a set of photos on Flickr, which were showing people who they believed to be participants in the riots that could potentially be prosecuted. The images were primarily focused on the areas from Croydon and West Norwood neighbourhoods in south London, but there will be a lot being posted as the pictures are processed.

“As parts of the detailed and thorough investigation progresses we will be issuing photographs of suspects, like those of alleged looters we are releasing today,” the page says.

If you want to take a look at these pictures please click here. We do certainly hope that these people are recognised and charged, so if you can help the Police then do. For more information on this story please look here.

For latest news on the riots please take a look at the BBC website who are covering this story 24 hours a day.

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3 Responses to “London Police Use Flickr to Identify Looters”
  1. gaetan says:

    I read somewhere that sales of baseball bats on Amazon UK have gone up… 🙂

  2. aruffell says:

    Hahahaha, probably right to be honest.

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