Looks like Microsoft Are Hiring A “Super Creator” for Next-Next-Gen Hardware Development

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The Xbox One has only been with us a few months, but after an extended console cycle on the last generation, it’s unlikely that both Sony and Microsoft will be looking to repeat the same time scale for their new hardware (just don’t quote me on that). For the team at Microsoft, it looks like they may already be hiring for some new hardware developers, which isn’t overly surprising given that it can take years to take a console from concept to being ready for retail.

The Redmond camp published a job ad for an Industrial Designer and you can check out the listing here or get the brief below;

The Xbox Industrial Design studio is building a world class in house team. We love entertainment. We live for building transformative entertainment experiences that resonate with consumers. We are looking for passionate designers who want to help us create next generation entertainment hardware for Microsoft.

Primary Responsibilities

This is a design position within the Xbox industrial design studio. You will be joining a team that drives vision and product development for Xbox hardware programs. The right candidate will be a “hands on” individual contributor that will bring thought leadership, inspirational creative output, and passion to the Xbox entertainment space. In essence, this position requires nothing less than a “super creator”.

As an industrial designer you will collaborate with design team and bring inventive ideas which will have large impact across the Xbox Entertainment Business.

We expect a spontaneous and innovative creative process that takes advantage of consumer insight harvesting, inspiration way-finding, 3d sketching, prototyping, thoughtful consideration of business needs, and understanding of technical considerations. Above all the candidate should have a portfolio that demonstrates the ability to design soulful product experiences that delight consumers.

I have no doubt that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo… perhaps even a few other hardware manufacturers are tinkering in a lab somewhere with what they can do next in the console sector. This could be next-gen hardware, or perhaps even just a revised Xbox One unit, as we all know the “slim” variants of the new consoles are inevitable within a year or two.

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I’d still love to know what they’re work on, I just hope they’re not going to waste time with a third-gen Kinect module.

Thank you Dual Shockers for providing us with this information.

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