Lord of the Rings Online Update 7 Released

/ 6 years ago

Lord of the Rings Online players can now download game ‘Update 7’, titled Shades of the Past.

For VIP players, the update adds a free new Skirmish titled ‘Storm on Methedras. “Ascend the treacherous slopes of Methedras at the southern end of the Misty Mountains to confront a foe seeking to bring supernatural forces to bear against Rohan,” says the blurb.

For everyone else, you can explore the revamped instance of Fornost in North Downs, “featuring substantial improvements to both graphics and gameplay”.

Elsewhere, “visual updates and restructured quests” have also been introduced to some of the subterranean zones in Moria. “The Great Delving, Silvertine Lodes, Water Works, and Durin’s Way now look better and play better than ever before,” promises the official site.

Full details through the source link.

Source: Lord of The Rings Online

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