The Lost Titans Open Beta Begins Today

/ 4 years ago


GBE Games has announced that their browser-based, fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game, The Lost Titans, will launch today as an open beta. The game uses the latest in 3D browsing technology to render its environments for a very nice looking game.

The game is inspired by real-world Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology and will see players wandering around the world of “Aristos” trying to save their Titan Ruler Hyperion, and protecting the land from the destruction and betrayal of Titan Ophinion.


In this open beta players will see a more balanced in-game economy and better localization, along with new content, including:

  • Additional Pets and Mounts
  • GM and In-Game Events
  • New Tutorials
  • New Bosses
  • Expanded VIP Level
  • New Player-vs-Player (PvP) Features
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The game will feature both cooperative play and player vs. player battles. During the open beta there will be game events, item giveaways and chances to win Razer keyboards and mice.


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One Response to “The Lost Titans Open Beta Begins Today”
  1. Franklin Sanchez says:

    Lost titans based on Egyptian and Sumerian texts are Sons Of the Gods that came to earth to provide protection, tyrany and deception to steer the human race towards the right path something we have lost due to greed.

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